Saturday, March 28, 2015

Doggy Tortures!

Today She do maked we food!

And I do lied on we floor with mine head on we step and supervised the way I always do.

Except for a little while when I do had to go outside to lie on we step and then Aswell do taked mine place on we step to watch.

But then when we foods getted into the oven, She do maked the oven do lots of beeps and then She and He do getted in He's car and He and She do drived away!!!!

And after a long time, I could smelled we new food was all cooked!!

And then the oven do started to beep and beep and beep and beep!!!

And it do beeped until He and She do comed back home to tell that oven to STOP BEEPING!!

That do beed a most annoying beep ever!!

Cuz it do telled we we food do be cooked but we do not getted any until She do comed home!

I do not liked to waited for food very much.

I do not liked to waited for food AT ALL.


  1. Oh noes!


    Angel Keisha
    Murphy the Poodle