Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Bud the dog


Bud the Dog do comed to we house!

To played with we!!

We do played inside!!

An' outside too!!

Bud the Dog is quite a little bit bigger than we do be!

He do putted up with we very good though!!

He do not beated we up!! Even when we do barked at he and pestered he too.

We do had fun playing with Bud the Dog. At we house!!

After Kali do shutted up and quitted barking!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

My collar

Today Aswell do had to wear MY collar!!

Because he's collar do had deaded batteries and he do thinked he might could go exploring!

She do not liked for Aswell to go exploring!

She do liked for Aswell to stay in we yard where he do belonged.

Aswell do be a good boy though.

When She do looked out we back door and seed Aswell on the nother side of the road and She do called he to come in, Aswell do comed in right away!!

Before when Aswell do goed exploring he would never come back till someone catched he. But now he do comed back good.

Friday, February 19, 2016

MINE foods!

I do be having fun!!!

See that food on we matt? That do be MINE food and not Kali's.

Kali do be upsetted because she do thinked she will liked to eat it but I do not letted she because that do be MINE!!

It do beed quite fun to maked Kali upsetted!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

New tricks

Aswell do had a new trick and I do not liked it even a little bit!!

We do liked to eated we Rollover foods.

She do not maked we homemade foods no more cuz She do finded Rollover and it do be maked in Canada and it do had good stuffs in we Rollover so She do not minded to feeded it to we.

BUT Aswell do be a JERK with he's slice of food!!!

He do only eated some and he do saved some!

He do leaved he's extra food on we floor and he do walked away!

So I do thinked I will liked to eated he's leftovers but he do not letted me!!

I do try and try to sneak to get he's food but every time he do catched me and he do not letted me to had that food!!

I do had to complain and complain to She about that but She do not listen!! Or He neither!!!

Sometimes He do gived me another piece of more food but I do not stopped telling He and She there is foods on we floor until Aswell finally eated he's food all up.

Aswell do beed a JERK, don't you thinked so?

Thursday, January 7, 2016


Do you knowed what?

I do learned a new great thing!!

Used to be I do sleeped on the bed between He and She and I do liked that quite fine.

But then I do had a idea!!!

I can getted unner He and She's blankies!!! Like He and She do!!!

So I do crawled unner they blankies and sleep between they and I do liked that very much.

I getted to be very very warm and cozy!!!!

But She do sayed I do be a little bit annoying though cuz I do twitch too much.

She do be SO picky!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Decisions, decisions

She do maked me to choose today and I do not liked that!

I do liked helping He to work outside!

I do liked to be outside in case She do tried to sneak to go in She's kayak with no dogs too. I do not liked for She to go in She's kayak with not me! And Kali too!

But She do liked to go in She's kayak with no dogs so She do called we to stop being with He and come in to we house so She might could lock we in we house so She can go in She's kayak and not taked me!!!

As soon as She do called we in to we house I do getted a little bit s'picius. I do looked at She and I do thinked She do looked like She do had a plan so I do not come in.

She do called me bunches of times and I do ignored She but Kali do getted in and do you knowed what?!

She do gived Kali treats! I still do not comed when She do called me and She do keeped giving Kali more jerky!!!

And I do KNOWED She do be tricking me but I can not standed to watch Kali to eat all we jerky She maked so I do had to changed my mind and go in we house to had jerky.

And I was RIGHT!!!

She do gived we jerky. But then She do getted out we door and She do not letted we to go out in She's kayak with She!

Next time maybe I will not letted She to trick me!

But I do liked we jerky though! And I do not liked Kali to eated mine jerky!!

Anyways, after She do getted in She's kayak and getted away without we, He do letted we to come out and helped He to work some more.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sometimes She do beed a little bit mean

...and sometimes She do beed a LOT mean!

Today She do beed very very LOTS mean!!!

She do yelled at me too many times!

I do not liked for She to yelled at me!!

She do be allowed to yelled at Aswell. But not me!

But today She only do beed yelling at me!!

She do be doing it wrong, don't you thinked so?

I do thinked so!

Those furbabies do be MY furries and I do not wanted to shared with Aswell. Or with She neither.

She do not letted me to beated up Aswell for trying to go near mine furries.

She do not getted mine furries out of they house, neither.

No matter how many times I do telled She I do wanted She to open that door. 

And She do YELLED. At ME!!!! 

She is very mean, don't you thinked so?