Friday, March 31, 2017

She & me disagree!

Tonight I had to have a MAD!!

And Aswell too!!

We friend do comed up to we door - right up we driveway - to telled we to come and play but She and He do not letted we to go OUT!!

I do liked to play with we friend!! We do not fight. We do not hurted we friend! We do liked to play together.

When we friend do comed to visit before I did not had my zapper collar so I could go chase we friend.

But Aswell could not!! Cuz he could getted zapped!

So we friend do had to come up to play in we yard with we!! And we friend do!!

That picture do not be we friend! She do not yet getted a good picture yet.

I do thinked She should letted we to go out to play so She can getted She's good picture.

But She do not!!!

She is MEAN, don't you think so?  I do think so!

And Aswell too!

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