Saturday, October 8, 2016


When She do go out in She's kayak, She do be a little bit mean.

She do putted Kali and me in we house and close we doors so we might could not get out and go with She.

She do not liked we to bark at She the whole time She do be kayaking!

And She do not liked to try to kayak with we in She's boat for too long neither!! Silly She!! We do LOVED to go kayaking with She and we do not meaned to getted in She's way so She can not paddle good.

Sometimes She do putted we in we house and He do letted we out though!!! The nother day He do letted we out and I do runned very fast to go catched She!

And I do!!! I do catched She when She do still be in She's kayak!! Near the dock!! So I do jumped right in on She's kayak!!

'Cept do you know what? She's kayak do had a cover and She's cover do not be strong nuff for to hold me up!! I sure do beed surprised when that cover do falled down and I do landed in the bottom of She's kayak not on the top where I thinked I be jumping!

But I did winned anyway because I do getted to go in She's kayak with She! But She do not taked me too far though.

I do thinked She might could try to let me go kayaking with She again though. Don't you think so?!

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