Wednesday, February 17, 2016

New tricks

Aswell do had a new trick and I do not liked it even a little bit!!

We do liked to eated we Rollover foods.

She do not maked we homemade foods no more cuz She do finded Rollover and it do be maked in Canada and it do had good stuffs in we Rollover so She do not minded to feeded it to we.

BUT Aswell do be a JERK with he's slice of food!!!

He do only eated some and he do saved some!

He do leaved he's extra food on we floor and he do walked away!

So I do thinked I will liked to eated he's leftovers but he do not letted me!!

I do try and try to sneak to get he's food but every time he do catched me and he do not letted me to had that food!!

I do had to complain and complain to She about that but She do not listen!! Or He neither!!!

Sometimes He do gived me another piece of more food but I do not stopped telling He and She there is foods on we floor until Aswell finally eated he's food all up.

Aswell do beed a JERK, don't you thinked so?

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