Sunday, February 8, 2015

Bad egg!

Today I do getted ferusterated!!

She and He do had chickens for dinner and She do shared a little bit with we but after She shared with we I do thinked I will liked to had more treat!

And She do maked we more treat too!!

She do cooked egg in we fry pan for we to eat up!

We do liked cooked egg very much!!

We do sit and lay down and dance for cooked egg!

Well, Aswell do dance - I do not dance but I do standed up on my back legs when She do sayed to dance so that do counted!

ANYWAY we do beed having fun with we eggs and we tricks but then one of mine egg treat do falled in we floor!!

And I can not getted it OUT!!

That do not be FAIR!!!

I do danced for that egg so I do has to eat that egg but I can not getted it out of we crack in we floor.

I do had to telled She!!

But She do not listened good!

So then I do had to go tell He!!

And He do listened to me and He do getted my egg out for me!

Good He!!