Saturday, January 17, 2015

No He

Aswell and me do beed quite unhappy!

He do not beed home where He do belonged!!!!!

She do telled we He do be goned to He's men's weekend and we do needed to beed shutting up but we do not shutted up at all!!

We do had to barked and barked at all the cars that go on we road in case that car do had He in they.

We do watched and watched for He's car but it do not comed so we do thinked maybe some nother car will bring He.

She do wanted to sleeped at night but He do not beed home so we do not thinked it do beed time for sleeping.

It do beed time to bark and bark in case He might could hear us from men's weekend.

I do thinked I do had a good idea! 

Next time He do wanted to go to men's weekend He should take we to men's weekend with He next time. And She too!!


  1. I agree. You guys should get to go on all weekend getaways, mens, womens, whatever - let's go