Saturday, April 11, 2015

I has a fluffy!

Do you see what we do has at we house?

We do had a fluffy!!!

We do had a big fluffy and a little fluffy and I do liked we fluffy's very much 'cept they do be up quite high and She do not liked to holded me up to see they all day cuz She do sayed I do beed too fat for She to holded me up to see they all day long!!!

But I do wanted to be up with those fluffs!!!

Those is quite cute fluffs!!

And I do needed to teached they who the boss of we house is too! Do you not thinked so? I do thinked so!!!

I do spended all day ever since She's Tamara and Jessa do comed with we fluffs trying to tell She I do needed to be picked up to visit we fluffs but She do not beed a good listener!  

And then He do comed back home too and I do tried to telled He but He do not listened good neither!!

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  1. Those fluffs are cute. :)


    Angel Keisha
    Murphy the Poodle