Thursday, April 3, 2014


Today one of we babydogs do had a adventure.

And it do not be Lenny!!!

Mostly Lenny do had the adventures but today it do be Hudson!

That do be Hudson in he's picture he had tooked the yesterday.

Today Hudson do followed me down the ramp in we pen.

But then he do getted too dumb or confused or skerred to follow me back up the ramp!

So then Hudson do cried and cried and cried in we pen.

And Lenny and Gemma Grace do cried and cried at the top of we ramp.

And I do runned up and down that ramp to show Hudson but he do not watched!!

So then She do opened we door in we pen but there do be a lot of ice so She do had to kicked and kicked to getted that ice out of the way so She do not getted the door to open all the way for She to get through but Hudson do be quite little yet right? So all Hudson had to do is go to She at the door but he do NOT!!!!

He do sitted in the far corner away from the door and he do cry and cry and shiver and She and me do be getting very ferusterated!!!!

I do show he over and over to go out the door or up the ramp but he do not copied me.

He do not even TRIED!!! He do just cried!!

So then She getted all the ice away and She goed in and getted Hudson and do you knowed what? He STILL did the squeal he does every time She do picked he up even when She do be RESCUING he!!!

He do not liked to getted picked up sometimes!!   He do liked to BE up, but he do not liked to getted picked up too.

Silly Hudson!!

He must taked after he's father, huh?!   

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