Friday, March 28, 2014


I do be getting a little bit ferusterated!!!!

We do only had 3 babydogs now. Magee and Magoo did goed away to they new furrever homes.

But we nother 3 babydogs do getted to stay with we for some more days till they peoples do be ready to taked they to they new homes too.

But those babydogs do be getting to be a little bit bratty!!!

Today they do be jumping all over me and playing at me but when I do getted after they, they do all runned unner He's sitterplace!!!

They do be little enough to getted unner He's sitterplace but I do not!

So I do not getted to catched they and maked they to be good!!!

I do barked at they to come out but they do not comed out!!

They do be BRATS, do you not thinked so?

I do thinked so!!!

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