Monday, April 14, 2014


We do had a quiet house now with no more babydogs!!

All we babydogs do goed to they new homes and they do all be doing real good at they new homes too!

Everybody do loved we babydogs very much!!!

So now we house do be mostly quiet 'cept when He or She do had to yelled at Aswell cuz Aswell do be being a JERK!!!

He do getted bored with no babydogs to play with so he do getted into troubles!!!

I do hoped soon it might could get warm outside so then we could had we door open so we could go in and out whenever we do wanted to!!!

Then Aswell might could not get so bored, huh?!

I do not liked we snow no more!! It should GO AWAY NOW!


  1. I loves the snows. I lay down in it all the times I go out. And sometimes I do bug mine Fran and Robbie Guy when I do be bored.

  2. Awwww. Here is a hug. {{{hugs}}}. :)