Friday, October 18, 2013


We do be waiting and waiting and waiting so much times these days!!

He do be away too much times!

He do not even comed home to sleep with we!!

Bad He!!

She do sayed He do stayed to work in Peterborough but we do not liked He to sleep at we Peterborough house!!

We do wanted He to sleep at home with we!! 

He do be supposed to sleep with we so's He can petted and played with we when we waked up!!

And do you knowed what else?!

She do be mean at we at sleep time last night too!!!!

She do not gived we we belly rubs!!

Cuz She do beed a little bit grumpy cuz She do has to getted up early and She do wanted to go to sleep and She do letted we out to pee before bed and we do not wanted to come back in cuz we 'scaped we pen and we could runned all over we yard and we do had to chased the racoon and the black and white kitty and we do getted all EXCITED and barky and then She do had to wait and wait and wait for we to come in and when we do comed in we do be all soaky wet and She do not liked soaky wet doggies on She's bed neither!

So She do owed we extra belly rubs and He do owed we extra morning pets, don't you thinked so?!

I DO thinked so! And Aswell too!!

But for now we do lied in we driveway and waited and waited and waited for He to come home.


  1. Waitings is my unfavouritest thing to do. I do has to waited all the days until the weekends. So I knows how you feel about the waitings. There do not be any pettings and belly rubs when you has to do the waitings. I hopes your He do comes home soon|