Friday, October 11, 2013

Big Bangers!!!

We do not liked big bangers!!

We do had perfect weather for sitting outside in we driveway waiting for He to come back home!

It do be very very nice outside!

But there do be people with big bangers outside and they do be upsetting we!!

And we ducks and gooses too!

They do be all together in we lake and they do be talking and talking to theyselves like they do beed upsetted!

Oh no! Now the people with the big bangers do drived they boat and skerred all we ducks and gooses away! And She's heron did getted skerred and flied away too!

And I do had to hide unner She's desk!

And Aswell too!

Big bangers do be bad. And skerry too! 


  1. They do wake me up in the mornings at 7. Mine human bean Fran do says that it do be her new alarm clock.