Sunday, October 20, 2013


Today we do has a visitor!!!
Gibbs do come to see we!!
Do you remembers Gibbs?
Gibbs do be one of we babydogs!!
But he do be quite growed up now!
He do learned to sitted for treats.
And he do learned to pee and poop in we pen not on we deck.
And he do getted more bigger than we!!
And he do had a tail too! She do liked Gibbs' tail. I will like we to had tails too but She do says no we can't.
I do hoped we nother babydogs all do be healthy & happy good doggies too!
Oh!! And I almost forgetted to tell you! He do comed home and sleeped with we and petted we extra too!!
He will had to go back to Peterboroughs again maybe tomorrow but He do always comed home again cuz She sayed.  

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