Monday, October 21, 2013

Bad dog! Bad dog!!!! And it do not be ME!!!

Oh, I do be SO excited!!!

Guess what?!!

I do not runned away for a very long time so I do be a good dog!!

But Kali DO runned away!!


Kali do runned away from we yard and getted in T R O U B L E!!!!

She do beed taking we bins out for the truck mans to come empty and we do getted very excited cuz we do thinked She might could like to taked we for a car ride so we do jumped all around She's feet until She do getted to we zapper fence but then I stopped cuz I do be a GOOD dog but Kali do just keeped right on going and she do goed to see a lady that was working by we house and she do thinked she will liked to follow that lady!!

Kali do be a BAD girl to go across we zapper fence, huh?!!

But she do comed back when She do called she, though, instead of running away to maked She play the follow me game the way I do liked to do.

Now She do had to go to buy batteries but She do sayed no, we do not getted to go with She. Too bad! I do liked to go for car rides!

I do thinked we jessa should come to taked we for a car ride now she do getted she license!

That do be a good idea, huh? Do you thinked so? I do thinked so!


  1. We never get to do that. we're always on leashes when we go out. Glad that everything is okay though.

  2. Aswell, I think in general Kali is a very good girl!

    1. She do beed a little bit bossy sometimes though!