Monday, October 28, 2013

Gibbs do visited we

Today Gibbs do comed to we house to stay with we.

She do be babysitting he!!

Gibbs do be a little bit bad though!

He do runned away when He forgetted to not letted Gibbs out we back door!

But he do not go too far though, even though he do not knowed about we fence.

He do comed right back when She do opened we van door and called he to go for a ride.

Aswell and Gibbs do be fighting some! Gibbs do finded we hoof to chew and Aswell do not usually cared about we hoof but he do not wanted Gibbs to had that hoof. So he do beated Gibbs up and when She do picked Aswell up to maked he stopped to beated Gibbs up, Aswell do growled and growled!

He do getted in very much troubles for that!

And then She do taked we hoof away and putted it up high and then do you know what Gibbs did? He pulled a book off of She's bookshelf and he tried to eated it!!!!

He do ripped shreds right off of that book!!

She do had lots and lots of books but She do not wanted Gibbs to eated ANY!!

She do not shared any better than Aswell do, huh?!

Except She do not beated Gibbs up though. She just taked She's book away and telled Gibbs not to eated any more of She's books!

But I do not knowed if Gibbs do understanded though! Cuz he do tried to getted another book off we shelf already!

Good thing She do had lots of books!

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  1. Oh, wow! Sounds like ur babydog Gibbs do have all sorts of fun!!