Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tricky She!

When we do had three dogs, we do be very loud & hyper when She do comes to home after She goed to work.

And we do tried very hard to getted out we door when She do tries to come in and She do not wanted we to getted out specially Gibbs cuz he do be learning about we zapper fence but he do not be ready to be trusted yet.

So today when She do comed home She do tricked we!!!

We do barked we fool heads off and we do  jumped and carried on at we door - so She do goed in She's bedroom door and by the time we do figured out She might could be tricking we and goed to run to that door, She do be all in we house so we do not getted to escaped!!

Tricky She!!

But She do taked we outside after She do getted in though but Gibbs do had to be on he's leash but I do not! And Aswell too.