Sunday, August 4, 2013


She do comed home again!!!

We do beed getting a little bit worried cuz She do goed away for too long! She do missed my belly rubs 4 times!!!

But She do comed home to rub my belly again so that do be good.

She do not bringed we no presents though. I do not thinked that do be quite fair!

Anyway, today She do taked we for a walk on we trail and we do liked to walk on we trail with She very much!!

And do you knowed what?

I do figgered out what She do wanted me to do when we do passed peoples and bikes and nother dogs!!!


I do knowed all my life She do liked something when we do goed walking but I do know knowed 'xactly what!

But today I do getted it!!!

Yay for me, huh?

When we do passed bikes and peoples and nother dogs, She do not wanted me to barked and barked at they!

She do wanted me to keep my mouth shutted and to keep walking!!

And when I do that, She do telled me I do be a very good boy!!!

And She do gived me a belly rub right there on we trail too!!

She do liked me to keeped my mouth shutted when we do walked past houses that gots dogs in they too, even!!

And do you know what? I can do that!

For belly rubs!

She do sayed tomorrow we might could go for a nother walk so I could practiced some more now that I finally do seemed to be getting more smarter and gooder!


  1. I likes walks on mine trails too! I did figured out somin too: mine Fran do likes for me to come when she calls me if I do not have mine leash on, and she do likes me to ''leave it'' when nother dogs or people do be on mine trail! Belly rubs do be nice too ... I likes mine belly rubs.

  2. That is good news. I am glad u are good at walkies and that u get belly rubs. :)