Sunday, July 21, 2013

We do getted to go to Brampton!!

We do getted to go at Aunt Andrea and Uncle Andy's house!!

And We Manda and We Jessa and We Tamara do be there!!!

And more peoples too!!

But not We Grandma though!!

Too bad!!

But She do sayed We Grandma do beed coming to visited we soon!! 

At we house!!

And we do getted to had very much fun!!

But Aswell do beed a very bad doggy though!!

At the gas station, He do leaved He's door open so Aswell do jumped out of we van and runned away to go pee on the grass.

But he do be sort of good then cuz he do comed right back when He do called he.

At Aunt Andrea and Uncle Andy and We Manda's house, Aswell do tried to finded ways out of they yard but he getted catched when he do sticked he's head through the fence to tried to get out and Uncle Andy do putted stuffs so Aswell do not getted out of they fence.


Aswell do be a very bad BRAT and he do getted out they door!!!

And he do runned away to go play at they park!!!

And She was very very upsetted!! And me too!!! 

But then Michelle do pretended she do not wanted to catched Aswell and she do just pretended to walk past he and not care about he running away and Aswell do be more busy running away from We Tamara and He and he do not payed attentions to Michelle and Michelle do grabbed he!!!!

So then He do had to carried Aswell back to we in the park and then we do getted in we van again and we goed to a nother park to had some pictures and guess what?!!!
They catched Aswell! Thank GOODNESS!!
Aswell do getted away AGAIN in that nother park too!!!

Oh, Aswell do beed so very very BAD!!!

He do not holded Aswell's leash good enough and when Aswell do seed a nother dog he pulled away from He and he runned to that nother dog and that nother dog's lady do beed MAD at Aswell. Bad dog!!!

But at least he do getted catched more easy that time cuz he do just be trying to smelled that nother dog but that lady do not wanted Aswell to smelled she's dog!!
Aswell do liked to runned away!
He do getted catched again but now he do waited for another chance!
I do be a good girl! I do not runned away!!
I do whined and cried and tattled every time Aswell do tried to runned away!!
 I do be a good helper!!


  1. Awww, dat too bad. Hopefully next time, not so many shenanigans. :)

  2. I do liked shenanigans!!!! Aswell.

  3. You canNOT runs away! I do be told the same thing! But I unnerstands you. I do likes to run away when there do be peoples because they do NEED to petted me! And nother dogs do need to play with me! But I listen gooder most of the times ... I just do not unnerstands the human beans.

  4. Just be careful. We don't want you to get hurt.