Saturday, July 20, 2013


We do be a little bit EXCITED!!!!

She do putted on mine collar on me!!!

That might could mean She might could want to put mine leash on me cuz I do not wears mine collar with no leash.

So then we do started to pay very much attention to She and He because I do had mine collar on.

And do you knowed what?!

He cleaned out He's van.

She putted on She's hummingbird dress.

We do be getting pretty sure we might could be going with they in we van cuz I do had mine collar on and then She do getted we crates and She do putted they in we van!!!!

And She finded we leashes too!!!!

We do!!! We do!!! We do getted to go in we van with He and She!!!

Only we do not knowed where we might could getted to go!!!

I will had to telled you later!

Oh, I do be SO excited!! And Aswell do too!!!

Where do you thinked we might could go?!

I do hoped it do be someplace more funner than that guy that do liked to stick things in we bums!!


  1. Replies
    1. We do goed to see a lotta friends! And We Jessa and We Tamara and We Manda!!!

  2. I LOVE going to see mine friends! Sometimes, I do not knowed the friends I do go see but they do be friends! I do so hope you gotted to go see a friend. That is the best.