Tuesday, August 6, 2013

More Walking!

She do taked we for more walking!!

We do liked to go walking with we leashes!!

Even though we do getted to run all around we yard all day it do still be more fun to put we leashes on and go for walks with She.

And we do be learning to walk more good except if a nother dog barks at we first then we do has to bark we fool heads off, right?

Cuz that do be only fair!

But we do not barked at dogs that do not barked at we though.

Today we do walked to a nother place where we might could go in we lake if we getted longer leashes but I do not wanted to walk in we lake though.

But Aswell do liked to swim so She do thinked She might could buy he a nice long leash so he might could go play in we lake sometime.

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