Thursday, August 15, 2013


We do had new leashes!
Those new leashes do letted we go sploring more better
cuz She do not had to getted She's feets
wet for we to splore we pond and we lake!
We do has to thinked a little bit
before we decided if we might could go sploring
But then we do. We do had very much funs!
Do you seed we?
We do be in the muck!
And we do goed in we lake too!
But Aswell do be a little bit more braver than me.
But the mostest fun do be in we little pond.
We do liked we pond very much!
There do be FROGS in we pond!!
Now you can see we pond and we lake!
 But we do had to go back home again cuz She do sayed so.
But maybe tomorrow we might
could taked we new leashes for we nother walk too!

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