Friday, August 16, 2013


Today She taked we out on we dock on we new long leashes.

We do liked to go on we dock!

I do liked to play with the water when it comed up and it do tried to splashed me on we dock!!

But then when She do started to bringed we back to we house I do getted a idea!!

I do thinked I will liked to jumped off we dock and in we lake!!!

So I do!!

But THEN I do thinked maybe that might could be NOT such a good idea so I do tried to getted back up on we dock and I could not getted back up on we dock where I jumped in so then I do tried to go unner we dock and go on the nother side but She will not letted me do that with my leash cuz She do sayed I will getted all tangled in we dock and She do not wanted to go in we lake to getted me untangled so She do maked me to swim and then walk in we water on that side of we dock and I do had to stay in we lake until I do getted to where I can jumped back up on we dock!!

So I do has to stayed in we lake and I do getted very wet and muddy too!!

But I do liked we lake, still. But Kali do not wanted to jump in we lake though!


  1. Hi Aswell, we're glad that you had a little swim and that you're fine.