Sunday, September 1, 2013


She do comed to we blog to helped we to writed a new post but then She do seed Keisha the Spaniel's link and we do has to go readed it and now we do be all too sad to maked a fun story for you.

Keisha do goed to the Rainbow Bridge and that do be quite sad for the peoples that do getted leaved behind. She do still be very sad for missing we's Scrooge too.

Maybe Keisha and Scrooge might could play together on the rainbow bridge! Do you thinked so? I do hoped so!



  1. O hai! I will see Scrooge too!

    Waving my paw from Bridge Land,

    Angel Keisha

  2. That do be a very sad day for mine human bean Fran. She do has lots and lots of waters coming from her eyes. I do hopes that Keisha do has lots of walkies and treats where she do be now.

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  4. We were just there. We liked Keisha very much. We worried about her but hope that she's at peace and happy for her humans who looked after her so well.

  5. What a great visit and you are all looking so happy ...we sure do miss seeing you as often though