Thursday, June 13, 2013

Busy day!

Do you remember we Gibbs? We Gibbs do be we baby dog!

But do you knowed what? We Gibbs do be more bigger than Aswell!

And he do be more bigger than me too!!

Only he do not be more heavy than me. He just do be more tall that is all.

I can still beated he up just like I do beated Aswell up when he do needed to be beated up.

Gibbs do comed to visited we today and we do runned and runned and runned!!!

And we do barked and barked and barked!!

And we do eated and eated and eated!!!

Cuz if we do not eated fast when Gibbs do comed to visit we, we do not getted any foods cuz Gibbs do liked to eat we food up very fast!

And do you knowed what, too?

It do rained very much and me and Aswell do getted very wet in we rain!!

And we do had we furs cutted again too!!

So I do thinked you might could liked to see pictures of we now but do you knowed what? She do not taked pictures of we today cuz we do not stopped running around long enough but She sayed Gibbs might could come back tomorrow and She will tried to getted good pictures of all three of we, okay? Okay!


  1. Ask your mom to just shoot a video. That way she does not have to worry about a "still shot". Does that sound good?