Sunday, June 9, 2013


Today do be a very bad day!!

He & She do taked we for a ride in we van and we do liked to go for a ride in we van even though we do not getted ANY treats when we do go for a ride in we van and that do not be fair cuz He do had a donut but He do not shared with we!!

He eated He's donut all by He's own self and He do not remembered to save some for we!!!

Can you IMAGINE!?

Bad He!!

It to not be at all surprising that Aswell and me do beed acting up ever since we do getted home, right?

We do not getted any treat!!

AND we do had to stay home all by we ownselfs when He and She do go out in we boat for a ride too!!

Bad She AND bad He too!!!

We do be mad at they so we do be pains in She's bum ever since She do comed back and She do be getting a little bit mad at we.

I do not thinked it do be fair for She to getted mad at we!!

And She do hurted mine feelings when She do yelled at me that I do be a BAD DOG!!! too.

And Aswell too!!

She do yelled at me cuz She do catched me gardening in She's vegetables and She do not thinked we do needed more digging in we garden and that is why He do maked a fence for we garden but I do be a clever girl and I do not letted no silly little fence stopped me!!!  I do finded lots of ways to get in we garden to dig!! I do be a GOOD digger. I do not be a BAD DOG!!!

And She do yelled at Aswell too but he do not be digging!

He do be cleaning up we bathroom for She, that is all!!!

Aswell do stealed He's t-shirt that He do leaved on we floor and he do cleaned that right up for She. I do not knowed why She do chased Aswell and taked He's shirt away from he. 

She is just cranky today I do think!!!

I do not be a bad dog!! And Aswell do not be a very bad dog neither!!

I do thinked She do be a BAD HOOMAN!


  1. I so sorry. That DO be a bad day.

  2. I know, right!?

    But we do had good porks and salad with She and He at suppertime so I might could forgived She and He a little bit. But they still do not letted we go outside to play by we own selves and that do still be a little bit BAD.

  3. Maybe your mom needs to sit down and pet you softly for a few minutes. Better tell your mom that my dad said that a martini might help too.

    1. Ha! She do sayed thanks for that idea! She do liked She's coolers more better.