Saturday, June 8, 2013

Not my fault!

It do not beed my fault, honest!!

It do beed She's fault!!

She do not letted we to go out to chase we robin off we yard.

She do heared we barked and She just telled we to stop!

But that robin do stayed and stayed in we yard!

It do jumped RIGHT on we walkway!

In we yard!!!!

Kali do getted very much upsetted so I do had a good idea to getted out to chased that robin away!!

I do ripped a big hole in we door!!

But She do heared we and She do comed to run and yell at me and now I do had to hide unner She's desk till She do stopped to be mad at me!

She do sayed He will getted mad at me too but I do not thinked so! I do thinked He will unnerstand that I do needed to let Kali to getted out and get the robin off we yard! Right? So if He do had to be mad He should be mad at She cuz She do not opened we door fast enough, huh?!

I do hoped He might could be mad at She but not me but I can not finded out until He do comed back from playing with He's boat.


  1. Awww, it's too bad about the confusion.

  2. He do comed back in from He's boat and He do not yelled at me for the door but He DO yelled at me for barking my fool head off to much though. He do sayed I can just shutted up cuz everytime He do taked me to fish with He, I do runned away so He will not liked to take me.

  3. Well that is a relief! I were worried ... I do not likes it when mine human beans do be upsetted at me. Like when I do not comes when they called me! And maybe you could stop runnings away so you could go fishings!

    1. Today we do be upsetted at He and She too! They do be being BAD!