Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Today She do be a little bit tricky at me!

First She do yelled at me to getted out of She's garden so I do getted out but then I do runned and getted in She's nother garden and I do waited for She to yell at me some more.

I do standed right in She's tomatoes strawberries and tomatoes and I do be wagging my bum cuz I do knowed She will had to yell at me some more and maybe She might could chased me too!

I do liked for She to chased me!!!!

But do you knowed what?

She do not yelled.

She do not chased.

She do did something at we wall and then the sprinkler do comed on and it do getted me all wetted!!!

That do be a funny trick, huh?!

Good thing I do not minded to get wet too much!! But that do surprised me!


  1. Wow, your mom is kind of tricky. I'm glad that you don't mind getting wet.

  2. lol that's too funny

  3. I do hopes mine Fran does not learn that trick, 'cause I do likes to go in her gardens and she do getted mad at me too!