Thursday, May 23, 2013


Today He do maked me very upsetted!!  And She too!

He do maked me upsetted cuz He do taked Aswell for a ride in we van but He do not invited me!

And then I do getted mad at She cuz I do tried very much to tell She that I was upsetted and She do ignored me cuz She do be too busy being sick to care that I do be so upsetted!

But He and Aswell do be back home now so I do be done being upsetted!

But now Aswell do be upsetted!!!   He do be mad cuz He do goed out to we boat and He do not letted he to go too. I do thinked Aswell do thinked that he will like to go everywhere with He all the time!


  1. Mine human bean Fran do be sicked to her tummy and sicked in her bed all day today too! It do be very very very very boring. She did sleeped all the day! And so I did had to keep finding comfy spots to sleeps too ... I did be very happy when mine human bean Robbie Guy did comed home from his working!

  2. Oh, I hope both of u get some time with Mom and Dad.

  3. You'll be friends again, it'll be fine.