Saturday, June 1, 2013

Silly She

She do not be being a good sharer AGAIN!!

She and He do digged and digged to make we such a nice new place for digging.

She and He do taked all we grass off and they do digged very much and then they putted very much new dirts in!!

So we do liked to go in we new digging place and dig!

But She do yelled at we!

I do not knowed why She do not liked for we to help She to dig!

I do be a good digger!!

I do thinked She might should learned to share more better.


  1. Maybe you could get her to start a lttle patch for you off somewhere in the yard. I think that she's trying to grow stuff there.

  2. It's too bad hoomins don't appreciate your skills.

  3. Mine Fran do NOT likes it when I do the digging in her new spots neither!