Saturday, May 18, 2013

Aswell do had a tantrum!

Aswell do be very very mad!

He do be trying to ripped through we screens to getted outside because he do be SO MAD!

He do thinked that he might could get to go fishing with He but He do not letted Aswell to go fishing with He and She do locked we in  because Aswell do be having such a tantrum.

But we do getted to go on we deck or in we pen though.

Aswell do be very mad because He do wanted to go fishing with He again!!

He do getted to go for a car ride with He.

And then Aswell do getted to go to help He to work on we dock!!

And Aswell do be good and stay with He like a good dog for a long time but then he do forgetted to be good and he do runned away and he do not comed back when He called he and He do had to go catched he and He sayed that if Aswell do not be a good boy and stay with He - or if He do not comed back when He do called he, then Aswell do has to stay in we house with She and me.

But Aswell do not wanted to stay with we so he do be barking and scratching at the screens and whining and being a very big BRAT!

It do be a good thing I do not be a brat like Aswell!

I do be a very good girl dog.

And I do smelled more better than Aswell too cuz Aswell do getted wet and muddy and stinky in we lake!


  1. Awwww. Maybe tomorrow, u can both relax. :)

  2. That do be sad. I do not likes it when mine human beans do leaved the house without me. But they do comes back and they do be so happy to see me when they comes back! I get lots of pettings when they come back. I do hope you getted lots of pettings when He did comed back! Paddington Bear

  3. Oh Aswell, why can't you be a good doggie like Kali?!??

  4. Cuz we do already had a Kali! We do not needed 2 of she! I do maked life more inneresting for He and She and for Kali too!