Saturday, May 18, 2013

Busy Day

They do had a garage sale next door!!!!

And lots of peoples we do not knowed do comed to look at Finn's peoples' stuffs!!! So I do has to bark at all of they!

And a squirrel do runned across we wire over we driveway so I do hadded to barked at that squirrel too!!!

And He & Paddington's man, Rob, do played with woods and tools and stuffs out in we front yard and on we dock!!!

And Paddington's lady, Francyne, she do comed to see we too but she do not bringed Paddington so that was too bad, huh?

But then Rob & Francyne do goed away and then He goed away and then He and Rob do comed back and they do played on we dock some more!

So I do had very much things to bark at all day long!!

She do sayed She might could need to strangle me cuz I do be giving She a headache but I do not had a headache so how could I gived She one?!

She must be joking, huh?!  I do thinked She do just be joking!

Oh... got to go ... I do had to go bark at the boat in we lake now!!!!

Oh no! The squirrel do be back on we wire!!

Oh, I do be having such a busy day!


  1. I did not believed it neither when mine human beans did leaved me at home all by mine own self! And I do not knowed why neither that it do NOT be mine name logging into your blog! Sincerely, Paddington Bear.

  2. Oh wow, u had a big day. I hope u get some rest. :)