Wednesday, May 15, 2013


It do be more warmer out side and that do means that He do worked more! He do had to go to killed things!

But do not worry cuz he do only killed things that people do wanted He to killed. Like ants and spiders and fleas and stuffs.

Anyway He do used He's van and He's van do parked in we driveway and sometimes He do had to putted stuff in and taked stuff out and today Aswell do finded out a sneaky trick!

Aswell do getted in He's van in the front door and then he runned to the back and He do jumped out and He do be free on the nother side of the zzzzztttts! With no zzzzttts!

So Aswell do getted to go exploring.

Only Aswell do had a owie in he's leg so he do not getted to go too far before He catched he.

But that do be quite a sneaky way to getted free, huh?


  1. How comes you has a owie on your own leg??? I do not liked to have any owies.

  2. Hope that your owie is healing Aswell.

  3. We do not knowed how Aswell hurted he's leg but he's leg do be working much more better now.