Saturday, May 4, 2013

Intruder Alert!!

I do finded we intruder!
And I do barked & barked to telled everyone there do be a intruder in we yard!!
Aswell do liked to getted close to see but
She do sayed that do might could be a bad idea!

Do you seed we intruder?!
That do be a snappy turtle!
I do liked snappy turtles but they do not be allowed in we yard!


  1. I'd suggest that you stay away from that turtle. They call those things "snappy" for a reason and you need your leggies and your face.

  2. That do be what She sayed! When She maked we to come in we house to let that snappy turtle getted away from we yard!

    We do not liked to go in we house when there do be a snappy turtle in we yard!!! But She do be more bigger than we so we do has to anyway.

  3. Oh boy, I am glad u are okay.

  4. I do not ever seed a Snappy Turtle! That do sound skerry!