Wednesday, March 13, 2013

We do be back

So She do getted asked why She do not helped we to write we blog for so long and She do not had a good answer so here we do be!!

Do you be happy to see we?

I do thinked you will!!

I do thinked She might could taked a picture of we for you.

That do be a good idea, huh?!

Do you knowed what She's car do to Aswell today?

She do wanted to get in She's car and go away and She do not wanted Aswell to go with She but Aswell do wanted to go with She so he do tried to get in She's car when She do opened She's door.

And She do not letted he, so Aswell do stand 'side She's car and he do barked at She to tell She he do beed a little bit mad.

And then She's car do throwed snow at he!!!! When She do wanted to see out She's windows!!

That do maked he to shutted up and go back to the house!

He do not liked She's car to throwed snow on he!