Saturday, March 16, 2013

She do called me a NAME!!!!

I do telled She I will telled We Grandma and We Tamara and We Jessa and We everybodies that She do be mean at me!!

She do called me  little tit! 

That do not be nice, huh?!

My name do be Kali!!

I do not be a little tit!

I do not knowed what a little tit do be but I do knowed I do not beed one!

She (and He) might could be getting just a little bit ferusterated cuz I do be needing to maked sure He or She will let me out the door when I do wanted to go out the door.

So I do go to the door and whine and then He or She do comed to open we door for me to go out but I do not HAD to go out, I do just wanted to make SURE that I can when I do wanted to.

And then after I do go out, I do had to make sure He or She will come to open we door for me to come in when I do wanted to so I barked and barked at we door and when She do comed to open we door I do be happy and I do go away to go sploring some more.

And then She do called me a little tit!!

She do be SO ROOD, huh?!


  1. I am sorry. I hope she no call u that anymore.

  2. Mine human beans do call me names when I do bark to be letted in from runnings outsides and I do decided that I do likes to runs some more. I so sorry She do called you a name. I do not thinked you be bad.

  3. lmao oh kali...she can be so mean sometimes huh?