Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My holiday

I do getted to go stay at Gibb's house for a holiday!

I do not knowed I do be having a holiday and I do beed a little bit upsetted sometimes cuz I do not unnerstanded but I do shutted up and be happy a little bit after a while.

But then He camed to see me and to bringed me some of my food and I do be happy to see He and I do thinked He will taked me to home again but He do not and He do leaved without me so then I do not be happy all over again!!

I do liked Gibbs and he's people but I do be quite happy when my holiday do be over and He do comed back to getted me and I do comed home again.

But Kali do beed a little bit mean to me though!!

She do growled at me when I do tried to getted some of we food from we bowl!

So then She sayed "Bad Kali!!" and do you knowed what?!

She do gived me some of we new food just warm from the oven the way we do liked they best and not Kali!

So HA!

I do getted the more goodest food first!


  1. I do not unnerstands «holiday». I do hope I never have «holiday» cause it do sound terrible! I so sorry Aswell. Good thing you gotted the good foods!

  2. See? If you be Good, you get Good things!

  3. U can has an award from me, the Liebster award. Thank u!