Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Little Bit....

I do be just a little bit worried cuz He do taked Aswell in we van and He do goed away with Aswell and He do comed back but He do not had we Aswell with He when He do comed back!

She do sayed I do not needed to worried cuz Aswell is over visiting we Gibbs and He do be fine but I do not thinked I do liked for Aswell to go visiting without me.

Aswell do not be so used to thinking for he's own self you know! Cuz I do be he's boss and I do telled Aswell what to do and when to do it and I do beated Aswell up when Aswell do needed to get beated up.

So if we Aswell do not be home with we, who will telled Aswell what to do and who will beated Aswell up?

And anyway, I do be just a little bit bored with no Aswell! But She do sayed TOO BAD cuz She and He do be very tired cuz Aswell and me do be very loud doggies and we do not letted they to sleeped!

Aswell do beed a pain in my bum but I do hoped he will comed to home soon.


  1. I do be so sad for you. I do know what it do be like when mine human beans go aways in the daytimes, so I might could know what it do be like without your doggie bff!

  2. Is Aswell back yet? I don't know what he will do without you to tell him what to do!