Thursday, January 10, 2013

She forgetted!

Yesterday She do goed away and then She do comed home and She do bringed hamburgers for She and He.

And do you know what?!

She do eated all She's hamburger!!

She forgetted to gived we some!!!

How could She!?

That do just not be right!!

She do getted we a treat from we fridge.

And She do telled He He do had to share He's burger.

But She do not gived we any of She's burger!!

And we do not liked that one bit!!


  1. Come on over, we have bison jerky, salmon chips and we'll share.

  2. And I do has carrots and lettuces! Those do be good snacks!

  3. We has pretzuls at my house if u wants. :)

  4. And we also do has blueberries and blackberries and you might would like those too!

  5. I usually have to ask and ask and ask and ask before my Mommeh will share her cheeses with me.