Sunday, December 30, 2012


Today I do getted to be quite upsetted!!!

She do be going outside but I do not wanted to go outside with She so I do stayed in we house with He.

Aswell do wanted to go outside with She.

And when She do opened we van door Aswell do jumped in!

And She do not maked Aswell to get out!!!

So Aswell do getted to go for a car ride and I do not!

And I do not knowed if He or She knowed Aswell do be in the van so I do had to throw a fit and tell He Aswell do getted in we van!!

I do be very upsetted to tell He! And He do not be so good to knowed what I do be upsetted about so He did not unnerstand me till She called He on they phones and telled He Aswell do goed for the ride with She.

And I do be upsetted if Aswell do getted to go to we dog park without me too but he do not and that do maked Aswell a little bit upsetted, too!

He do gived She a dirty look when She taked he only to the store then home again and Aswell do not even getted to get out of we van!!

Will you liked to see we at we dog park with Paddington? Paddington's lady do maked a video and you can see we and Paddington and we people's too!

That do beed a very wet and muddy day to go at we dog park but we do had funs!


  1. Awww. I sorry about the confusion. Me wish u Happy New Year! :)

  2. I would have been upsetted too if mine friends did getted to go to the dog parks without me! I hopes you feel better ...

  3. I'd be upset if I got left behind too. We feel for you buddy.