Saturday, December 29, 2012

I do not unnerstand!

Today She do maked stuff in the cooker.

She do getted we eggs out and we flour and lots of good stuffs.

She do mixed they all together in we big pot.

So I do thinked She do be making we more foods!!!!

I do liked She to maked we new foods!!!

So I do lied in my place all that time and I do waited and waited just like the perfect good girl dog I do be.

But that food do not smelled so good like MY food.

It do smelled like bananas.

I do not liked bananas so much!

I do not unnerstand why She will maked banana food for we!!

We do liked meat food!! Not bananas!

Do you thinked She might could be going bananas?!


  1. Maybe she made bread or cookies. Those are good too. :)

  2. Mine human bean Robbie Guy did gived me a piece of banana one times and I do liked it a lot! But mine human bean Fran says I should not getted bananas. So I do not getted anymores ... I do be so sad. I hope you can get some of that banana foods! You might could like it a lot!