Wednesday, December 26, 2012


We do liked some things about Christmas!

We do liked to getted treats!!

We do getted cookies from we boys!!

And bones from He & She!! But no hooves.

And Aswell do gived He a present and He do laughed! 

We do liked to maked He & She & Tamara laughed!

'Cept we do not knowed why Aswell's present to He do be so funny though!

But do you know what do not be too fun about Christmas this year?!

He and She do not taked we to Ant Andrea and Andy's house for dinner and we do not seed We Grandma and we Jessa and we Mandy!!  That do not be FAIR, huh?!

Sometimes it do not be too good to be growed up dogs cuz when we do not beed too growed up we did getted to go too but now we do not!

We do not liked to stay home when there do be good foods and funs at we Ant Andrea's house!

But we do stayed home and we do be good too!

We do hoped you all do had a very Merry Christmas.


  1. Hi Kali and Aswell, we hope that both of you behaved well enough to get lots of really great treats and a few good hugs from your peeps. Best wishes for the new year.

  2. I has a fun Christmas. I hope u enjoy ur treats. :)

  3. Christmas do be funs! I did getted treats and a new ball to chase! But I were luckier than you 'cause I did getted to go visiting with mine human beans. I went to see Opi, but I were not allowed to play with him! He got a bad cuts on his foot and it did started to bleed again when we were playing. So I had to sits beside mine human beans the whole times! That do not be fairs I thinks. I hopes you liked your treats lots!