Friday, December 21, 2012


I do be a little bit worried!

I do thinked that maybe Sandy Claws will not wanted to come to bringed we any presents.

Aswell do forgetted to share we hooves with me good and I might could had getted a little bit too upsetted and I might could had hurted She.

I did not MEANED to hurted She!

I specially did not meaned to hurted She so close to Christmas!!

But She's tummy do be all red and skratched cuz Aswell do be fighting with me and She grabbed me and picked me up and I do not stopped fighting even though Aswell do still beed on the ground so She do getted skratched with mine paws.

But I do not bited She!

So maybe Sandy Claws might could bring me presents cuz I do not bited?

But maybe he should not bringed we any more hooves, huh?

We do not be 'llowed to had any more hooves for chewing no more. She sayed!


  1. Oh my. I am sorry. I hope all of u get some good gifts from Santa. :)

  2. Oh no! I do hopes you get visited by that Santa guy. I were told I has to letted him inside mine house ... I do not knows about that!

  3. Hi Kali and Aswell, listen doesn't work that way at Christmas. All things bad or naughty are forgotten, at least on Christmas Day. So it'll be fine. Your peeps love you guys and have probably put in a "good word" for both of you. But just in case, no more rough stuff.

    1. that do be good news!

      We do not fighted any more cuz She taked ALL we hooves and putted they up on the foodbox.

      Too bad! We do liked we hooves to chew.

  4. No more hooves? Rats! I think as long as you did not bite, you will be okay in the gift department so don't worry.