Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hard muds park!

We do had SO much funs at the dog park today even though there do not bees any nother dogs 'cept Paddington.

You will liked to go see Paddington's blog too cuz there do be more good pictures of we at Paddington's blog!!!!

I do not getted skerred! I do runned with Aswell and Paddington and I do not needed to say with She all the time!!

I do be a brave girl, don't you thinked so?!

But do you knowed what?! Someone forgetted to locked a gate at the park and Aswell do runned away out the gate and that do be BAD!!! 

But he do had funs and then he do comed back. That do be a good thing, huh?! She might could be very sad to lose we Aswell!

That do looked like mud but mostly it do be frozed.

We do goed way up the hill without the peoples!
I do thinked you might not even seed we
(less you biggify the picture by clicking on it and then you might could see we a little bit)

We and Francyne. And you might could see Paddington's
bum and he's tail!!! That do be funny, huh!?
Don't you think bums is funny?!

He and Paddingtons He, the Robbie-Guy. And we too of course!!

We might do getted a little bit muddy! And wet too!!

She do thinked we might could stay off
we couch till we getted cleaned up but we do not thinked so!

Aswell do liked to had a bath just fine.

I do not liked to too much but He and She do be bigger than me and they do not never gived up so even when I do hided so I might could not had a bath, they always do catched me and maked me to had a bath.
Here we do be all cleaned again!!!


  1. Oh Kali. I DO knows 'bout that hiding thing. They finded you every times! Do you get dried with the wind machine after too? I do not likes that wind machine even though it makes me get warm again. Did you also have a spa day with your nails like me? I did also getted mine ears cleaned with soft stuffs with some wets on it that bubbles and make mine ears feel good. I hope you feel better now that your baffs are finished!

    1. I do not liked the blower thing! I do liked a good towel rub though!

      I do getted some of mine furs cutted after my bath but then I do wanted to lied down and He can not cutted my underneath no more so He sayed he will finish me tomorrow. But Aswell do getted all done though.

  2. Oh wow, you are cute. You had so much fun and now you are clean! :)