Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Today She do gived we Roll Over hooves!

I do not knowed why they do be called Roll Over hooves cuz I do not had to roll over to had they, but they do be very yummy and fun chewies and they do lasted a long time.

We do liked we hooves so very much!

But those hooves do maked we had some problems cuz Kali do not shared we hooves good!

Kali do liked to taked my hoof and she's hoof too!!

She do keeped having to getted my hoof back for me again and She do getted a little bit crabilated cuz Kali do taked my hoof and hided unner we tree and then I do barked and barked my fool head off at Kali and She do not liked me to barked and barked my fool head off!!

And She do not liked for Kali to be a brat and try to pick up we hooves and run away from She neither. That do be a little bit bad!

So anyways...all day long we do had troubles with we hooves and I do thinked She might taked they away so we can not had any more troubles.


But I do wanted to try to getted all my beefs out of my hoof before She do getted too crabilated and taked they away.

And guess what?! I do getted to chew my hoof!!

Do you seed where Kali do be?

She do getted on the wrong side of the door and she do only had one hoof out side with she and I do getted to chew my own hoof without Kali stealing it.

I do liked my rollover hoof very very much!

But now Kali do comed back in and stealed it from me some more so scuse me, I do needed to go bark at she.


  1. Oh boy, that do be stress FULL! I do not knows how it would be if mine soup bone or mine antler did getted taken all the times. I do shows it to mine human beans, and I do chewed them on their laps, and they do taked them some times, but not all the times. That would be bad. I do hopes you can chew your bone again.

  2. She do telled Kali that if we do gived She a headache every time She might not buy we any more chewies! But Kali do just telled me to shutted up and stop barking.

    She do not stopped taking mine chewies! Kali is a little bit piggy!