Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dog Park

Today we do getted to go to we dog park!!!

And Paddington too!!

And Frankie!!!

And lots of nother dogs but I do not knowed all they names yet but they do be a lot of dogs!!!

And Aswell do had lots of fun!!

And I do had some funs too but I do getted a little bit mad at She though!!

I do runned and runned and I do played a little bit with some of those nother dogs.

Well, okay, I do not played with they too much!

But I do runned and runned.

And then I do thinked OH NO!!! Look at me!! I do be too far away from She!!!

So I do runned back to She!!

And then I do wanted She to picked me up and I will liked to stay up and She can holded me and petted me while Aswell and Frankie do decided who will getted to be the boss of they (silly boys! Don't they know I is always the boss?!)

But She do not wanted to picked me up!!!!

I do jumped and jumped and jumped but She do 'GNORED ME!!!!!  Bad She!!

So then I do go jumped up for Francyne to picked me up but Francyne do not wanted to neither!!

And Rob do not wanted to.

And none of the nother peoples in the park do wanted to picked me up neither!!

Even though I do tried to be very very cute and getted picked up, no one will picked me up and carry me around the park!!

Can you IMAGINE!? So many lazy people and they do all getted to be at the dog park at the same time?!

And no, Tamara, She do not taked any pictures cuz my collar do breaked when She getted we out of we car so She do getted distracted and She forgetted She's camera in we car cuz She do has to carried me into the dog park!  And She's phone camera do getted broked too!!!! She do getted very mad at She's phone camera cuz every time She do tried to take a picture of we, the whole phone getted black and do not worked!

She will take pictures next time!

And then you can see how DIRTY Paddington do getted at we dog park!!

I do not getted dirty at all.

Aswell do getted he's feet a little bit dirty!

But Paddington do getted to be the more dirtiest!!! He do had fun at we dog park but I do betted he will had to had a bath when he do getted to he's home.


  1. I DID had to had a baffs! It were horrible ... I do had to has a baffs EVERYtimes I goes to the dog park! I do not unnerstands! I were so happy. Now I smells like puppy shampoos. But you know what though? I do gets some special stuffs on a piece of cotton ball inside mine ears after every baffs and that do makes me feel good... 'cause mine Human Bean Fran do rubs that cotton ball inside mine ears and it helps with the itchies! But why did you wanted to get picked up? It do be funner to run around with the nother doggies! I do hoped nexted time you can run around more.

  2. Running, running, running and running at the dog park sounds like fun!

  3. I do thinked you will always had to had a baff if you do wanted to play in the puddles and catched all the sticks in you furs, Paddington!

    I do catched a few little sticks sometimes in we cedar hedges but you do be the bestest dirtycatcher I ever did seed!

    Maybe next time I might could think it do be more fun, Daisy! I do beed a little big skerred of new things sometimes. That do be cause I do be more smarter than Aswell! He do not be skerred of anything cuz he do be too dumb to getted skerred.

    That do be what I thinked!

  4. I sorry u did not get picked up. I hope u get more cuddles! :)