Saturday, December 8, 2012

She do not listened!

Today I do tried and tried to telled She that Aswell do be being a naughty naughty boy.

But She do not listened good and She do not getted up to go see what I do tried to telled She!

So She do has to cleaned up Aswell's big mess!

He did getted in we garbage unner the sink and ripped we bag and he might could had eaten something he's tummy did not liked cuz he sicked all over we kitchen floor too!

She did not had fun to clean that all up!

She might should have listened to me, huh?!


  1. Oh Dears. I did not getted into that garbage you said about, so I do not be sicked. But I do getted into our baffroom and unroll the toilet paper and maked a mess! Mine human beans do be funny: they do liked to taked pictures so maybe they liked that I do that? Maybe me and Aswell should keeped on doing those stuffs.

  2. Oh that's not good. Your humans will need to get one of those super sized garbage cans with the bear-proof lids. Aswell, bad boy :)

  3. Oh goodness. I hope they listen to u next time, Kali. Also I hope Aswell's tummy feels better, so he learns not to nom the garbij again. :)