Thursday, December 6, 2012

Oh No!!!

Today I did do a dumb thing! 

But I did not meaned to!! 

She do keeped telling me I should come in we back door where I go out but I do rather like to maked She come out on the deck and opened two doors for me 'stead of just one.

Two do be more better than one! 

But just now I do be sitting on the top step at the screen door barking and barking to tell She I do wanted in now and She do comed to open we door for me but just as She do opened the door, my bum do falled off we step and I do falled down and goed BOOM! 

I do getted right up and runned up we steps and go hided cuz I do be a little bit embarassed. And maybe just a little bit skerred too! 

But I do not be hurted though. 

Maybe next time She do called we to we back door I might could come there more better. Maybe! If I do remembered. 

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