Sunday, December 2, 2012


Today I do had to beated Aswell up very much!

She do not HAD to, she just do like to because she is too bossy!

No, Aswell! I do had to cuz you do not be sharing good!  You do had to share we chewy hoofs!

I DO shared! One for you and one for me. But you do taked you hoof and my hoof and you ball and my ball and you squeakie and my squeakie too! 

But I do wanted you to share you hoof and you ball and you chewie with me! And I will liked to keep mine too. When you do gived me you stuffs, then you do be a good sharer!

I do not thinked Kali do unnerstands sharing good today!!!!


  1. lmao oh Kali...i think i have to side with Aswell on this one

    still love you though...even if you do share like a toddler in the "mine" stage

  2. Hi Aswell, you can live with us.

  3. I likes to share too. I brings my chew bones to mine human beans all the times and chew on their laps. I could shares my bones with you Aswell.

  4. Me sorry. Maybe u can have one stick or one ball each, next time. :)