Saturday, November 24, 2012

No fair!

I do thinked that I will be a little bit mad at She for a while!

She do taked Aswell to the dog park but She do not taked me!!

And I do be the more GOOD dog too!!

All day Aswell do be being BAD!!

He do ripped up newspapers!!

He do scratched the door and the couch and the cupboards for no good reason!!

He do scratched She and he do bugged and bugged He and he do be being a PEST!!

ALL day!!

So do he getted in troubles for being a little BRAT?!


He do getted to go in the van with She and do She's shopping and then they do goed to the dog park and he do getted to go play with all those other dogs!!

BAD dogs do not supposed to getted to go out for special treats!!

GOOD dogs do be supposed to getted to go out for special treats!!!

She do getted it WRONG and that do not be FAIR!!


  1. I am sorry, Kali. Maybe She will take you outside next time. :)

  2. She do thinked Aswell do be being so bad all the time cuz he do missed having we babydogs to play with so he do be bored and 'noxious.

    She do sayed next time I can go to the dog park too though!!!

  3. I hopes I can finds out when you go nexted times so I can go see you atthe parks too!

  4. Oh Kali, I agree. Since you are the very best dog you should have gotten to go! I am glad you can go next time though.

  5. O hai! I gave ur blog an awardie. Thank u. Plz to go see it. Kthx. :)